Honeycomb structures in additive manufacturing - learning from nature and using its advantages

What do bees’ master builders and the production of Better Basics Laborbedarf have in common? Both produce honeycomb structures with great diligence and dedication even in the great heat of summer 2022. They use additive processes to combine stability and form in a harmonious way. This is the case, for example, with our module number 01148 – a very popular and versatile storage option for small parts in the laboratory. Since honeycombs are always a good choice when space is to be used optimally, we have adopted this pattern for ourselves.

Did you know that 3D printing with beeswax was already used in the field of art in 2014? But the construction of the honeycomb by bee colonies themselves is also, strictly speaking, an additive manufacturing process. In this process, beeswax is melted at 40°C and then joined to form the honeycomb with a wall thickness of only 0.07 mm.

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