The SmartRack® - your guarantee for greater efficiency and productivity in the laboratory.

What can the SmartRack® do for you to make your laboratory more efficient and more profitable?

Discover the SmartRack® – the revolutionary laboratory organisation system that optimises the workflow in your laboratory and gives you and your staff more freedom to work! With the SmartRack® you will maximise the use of the space in your laboratory and you will create free work areas. As a result, within the first year, the added value will pay for your investment. This results in a significant increase in productive working time per lab worker and lab workstation. Efficiency is increased by up to 10%. More Information

The SmartRack® is a true multi-talent, providing secure and flexible storage for laboratory glassware, consumables and equipment. With an impressive space saving of 80%, it brings order and structure to your laboratory. More Information

The added value of the SmartRack® at a glance - order and structure as well as safety in the fume cupboard.

Laboraufbau ohne dem Einatz des SmartRack®

Classic, very untidy laboratory workstation compared to a…

Laborabzug nachher mit SmartRack
…structured and tidy laboratory workstation with the use of two SmartRack®

The use of the SmartRack® is extremely helpful and profitable when carrying out experiments, setting up, dismantling and cleaning.

The use of SmartRack® is extremely helpful and profitable when carrying out experiments, setting up, dismantling and cleaning. The clarity and standardisation of the workspace reduces error rates. The structured allocation and space-saving temporary storage of samples reduces the risk of mix-ups. Hanging laboratory glassware, equipment and accessories in the SmartRack® frees up work space and saves cleaning time. In addition, consumables are available directly at the workstation, reducing walking distances. More Information
Labor mit einem befüllten SmartRack
The Smartrack® in a modern fume cupboard in a m-sized laboratory

The SmartRack® can be used in accordance with DIN EN 12128 up to at least safety level S3 and supports various applications in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, the food industry, pharmacy and medicine. It meets regulatory requirements and helps prevent or minimise hazards. More Information

Optimise your team’s workflow. Enable them to work efficiently and safely with SmartRack®. Weighing, filling, pipetting, sample preparation and safe storage are all made easier. Choose the SmartRack® for optimal work organisation in the laboratory workplace and as an employer comply with regulatory requirements to prevent or reduce hazards. More Information

Use the SmartRack® to save time and avoid additional tasks such as emergency repairs or repeated experiments. Concentrate on the essentials and achieve more efficient results in your laboratory. The SmartRack® is suitable for a wide range of applications including chemistry, biology, biochemistry, food industry, pharmacy and medicine and meets the requirements of DIN EN 13150-2001 EN, DIN EN 14056-2003 EN, TRGS 526 and many more. More Information

Discover the benefits of the SmartRack® today. It will revolutionise your laboratory!

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