The SmartRack® meets the requirements of DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 17025 as well as GRI 403.

Discover the SmartRack® - the world's first workstation organisation system for laboratories that meets the requirements of DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 17025 as well as GRI 403.

With the SmartRack® you create an effective solution for establishing a comprehensive quality management system in accordance with the applicable DIN standard 9001 and 17025 as well as GRI 403.

The innovative SmartRack® has been specially developed for laboratories that want to meet the high quality management requirements of DIN ISO 9001 and 17025. It supports your organisation in achieving a minimisation of negative effects through preventive measures.

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SmartRack® with sample configuration
SmartRack® mit Beispielausstattung, Detailaufnahme
SmartRack® with sample configuration, detail photo
  • In an increasingly dynamic and complex environment, SmartRack® ensures that requirements for your organisation according to DIN ISO 9001 are met and that future requirements and expectations are already taken into account today in conformity with the standards.
  • According to DIN ISO 17025, laboratories are obliged to optimise their effectiveness and ensure that failures and undesirable effects are avoided. The SmartRack® is your ideal partner for this, because it offers the possibility to comply with these requirements.
  • With the SmartRack® you improve the effectiveness of your quality management system, avoid negative effects and establish a structured workplace organisation that takes all processes and their interactions into account.
  • With the help of the SmartRack® you can ensure that mix-ups are avoided, a requirement that, according to DIN ISO 17025, must be met by laboratories with high quality standards.
  • The SmartRack® supports you in obtaining valid results according to DIN ISO 17025 and in preventing undesired effects, such as in the case of failed tests.
  • Aspects of safety and health at work (SGA) are discussed within the framework of GRI 403 (Global Reporting Initiative). Employee health is also seen as an element of sustainability in this context. The prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses as well as the implementation of a management system for safety and health at work is essential according to GRI 403. The SmartRack® is an organisational system for the laboratory workplace and a suitable means of successfully implementing sustainability as part of a management system.
Use SmartRack® to implement a dynamic quality policy in your company and continuously optimise your company’s quality management systems by evaluating the suitability, appropriateness and effectiveness of measures and results.

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