The SmartRack® - LEAN-Management and 5S

The SmartRack® supports the practical realization and implementation of Lean Management methods, such as the 5S method, in a practical and efficient manner, assisting in establishing a „LEAN Lab.“

LEAN Management and the 5S method are powerful tools for improving workplace organization in the laboratory. In this context, Better Basics Laborbedarf‘s SmartRack® is undoubtedly the ideal and practical means to successfully apply these principles at every laboratory workstation.
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The SmartRack® with sample configuration
SmartRack® mit Beispielausstattung, Detailaufnahme
The SmartRack® with sample configuration, detail view

What is Lean Management?

Lean Management is a proven approach to enhancing efficiency and reducing waste in various work environments. In the laboratory setting, often characterized by complex workflows and limited space, the principles of Lean Management are crucial for improving work quality and cutting costs.

What is 5S?

The 5S method is a proven technique for organizing and optimizing the workplace, originally originating from Japan. This system is referred to as „Total Productive Maintenance“ (TPM). Its aim is to enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety in work environments by applying five steps or principles, all beginning with the letter „S.“

What is the SmartRack®?

The SmartRack® is an innovative laboratory organization system that ensures order and space-saving at the workplace. It allows for the secure storage of laboratory glassware and accessories, prevents workplace accidents, and boosts laboratory efficiency by up to 30%. With up to 80% space savings, the SmartRack® is a practical solution for any laboratory.
Labor mit einem befüllten SmartRack®
The SmartRack® in a large European laboratory.

How can the SmartRack® practically support 5S and LEAN management in the laboratory?

LEAN management in the laboratory:

  • The SmartRack® is based on the principles of LEAN methods, aiming to eliminate waste and optimize value flow. It enables the efficient organization of work tools, reducing both time and labor costs.


  • Efficient organization: By efficiently organizing and making optimal use of limited laboratory space, the SmartRack® contributes to waste reduction through unnecessary movement and storage, as all work tools can be stored at the workspace by utilizing vertical space.


  • Single-handed operability: The single-handed operability of the SmartRack® supports LEAN principles by reducing work time and increasing productivity.


  • Modular design: The SmartRack® is designed with modularity, allowing it to be customized to the specific needs of the laboratory. Laboratories in various disciplines can benefit from this flexible approach of the SmartRack®.


  • Time and cost savings: By improving workspace organization and implementing LEAN principles, the SmartRack® saves both time and costs. Laboratory staff can access required materials up to 30% faster, thus significantly minimizing resource waste. This enables sustainable practices in laboratories.

The 5S method is an essential pillar of Lean management and specifically deals with workplace organization.

More specifically, the SmartRack® supports the implementation of the 5S method in its five steps as follows:

1: Sorting (Seiri – the first step of the 5S method):
Sorting work tools is crucial for eliminating waste and creating an organized work environment. The SmartRack® supports this step by providing a clear and efficient storage solution. With its modular units, lab personnel can sort and label work tools according to their needs, thereby eliminating unnecessary effort.

2: Setting in Order (Seiton – the second step of the 5S method):
A clean and organized workspace contributes to reducing time waste and improving efficiency. The SmartRack® enables an optimal arrangement of laboratory accessories and equipment, ensuring smoother processes. By clearly labeling samples in dedicated storage boxes, the SmartRack® establishes order and helps maintain it.

3: Standardization (Seiso – the third step of the 5S method):
Creating standards is a crucial step in maintaining the 5S principles in a laboratory. The SmartRack® contributes to standardization by offering clear and repeatable organizational structures. Employees can adhere to predefined principles of order and workflows to ensure a consistent and organized workspace.

4: Visual control (Seiketsu – the fourth step of the 5S method):
Visual control means that irregularities are immediately detected to take timely corrective actions. The SmartRack® promotes a visual workplace design by enhancing the visibility and recognizability of laboratory utensils. Employees can quickly determine whether all necessary tools are present at a glance, without time-consuming searches.

5: Discipline (Shitsuke – the fifth step of the 5S method):
Maintaining the 5S principles requires discipline and continuous upkeep. The SmartRack® supports this discipline by simplifying order and organization. Laboratory employees are encouraged to adhere to these principles as the SmartRack® makes work easier and increases efficiency.

The 5S cycle: Optimized laboratory processes enhance effectiveness through quicker procedures, improved resource utilization, and increased productivity with reduced error rates.
The 5S cycle optimizes laboratory processes for quicker procedures, better resource utilization, and increased productivity with fewer errors.

Summary: Why the SmartRack® belongs in Your Lab

The SmartRack® from Better Basics Laborbedarf is an outstanding tool for implementing LEAN management and the 5S methodology in the laboratory. It promotes sorting, organization, standardization, and visual control of laboratory equipment, enhances employee discipline, and contributes to avoiding workplace accidents, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. The SmartRack® supports the creation of a „Lean Lab“ focused on efficiency and quality while increasing workplace safety. Overall, it provides a tailored solution for the successful implementation of LEAN management and the 5S methodology in the laboratory. Investing in the SmartRack® yields time and cost savings in the first year, improves overall lab performance, and helps actively address challenges such as the shortage of skilled personnel.

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