Optimization of laboratory work

Why the SmartRack® also has a place in your laboratory

Whether you need general basic equipment for your laboratory or special experimental set-ups for analytics, the SmartRack® is your first choice. It increases efficiency and improves occupational safety by improving the organization of workstations and creating free work space. It also actively supports the health of your employees and saves costs by avoiding laboratory accidents, sample mix-ups and sample loss.

Better Basics defines for the SmartRack® five areas of optimization of laboratory work for the 21st century

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Organization – more organization at laboratory workstations

Do you need a secure holder for microliter syringes, a storage option for screw top bottles or a way to temporarily store sample containers and all that in a tight space?

Transportable and scalable, the SmartRack® remains your partner from start to finish of your work when it comes to organizing workstations and storing your laboratory accessories and glassware in a structured and safe manner at your workstation.


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Space saving – 80% space saving in the laboratory

Don‘t have much space but still want to work in a structured way?

The SmartRack® offers an effective solution for everyday challenges in laboratory work – in various fields including chemistry, biology, biochemistry, the food industry, pharmacy and medicine. This eliminates the need for various holders, including those for pipettes or round-bottom flasks (e.g. cork rings, three-finger clamps), or a waste bin.

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Safety – significantly improved safety when working in the laboratory

Did you know that each accident at work in the chemical industry costs an average of €25,000?

In 2018 alone, more than 15,000 accidents at work were reported in this industry. The resulting costs and lost working hours are huge and could have been avoided through better safety at work and better working conditions. The SmartRack® helps achieve these improved conditions by offering the highest level of safety through its stable metal frame and the integrated anti-tip protection for the entire SmartRack®. The modules are securely clicked into the slot rails of the SmartRack® by a click mechanism, so that all samples and devices are securely fixed.

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Efficiency – improved efficiency in research and analysis

Are you still searching or are you already researching?

Laboratory staff spends around 10 minutes a day searching because disorganization makes their work more difficult. This adds up to significant lost working time over a period of months and results in unwanted costs and frustration. Optimal working conditions pave the way for focused and routine work and also help prevent mistakes. Employees rely on optimal conditions in the workplace to remain physically and mentally active, creative and innovative in the long term.

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Modularity and adaptability – your partner in the lab, the SmartRack®

Whether you need general basic equipment for your laboratory or special modular set-ups for analytics – the SmartRack® is your number one choice.

The number and position of the SmartRack® modules can always be adapted to your individual needs. Custom made fixtures according to customer requirements are also possible

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