Smart basic equipment for laboratories

Fields of application – industries and activities

The SmartRack® is suitable for a very wide range of applications. No matter whether in the
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmacy
  • Medicine,

the requirements for laboratory equipment are as specific as the work of scientific users is versatile. Our products fall under the category of basic equipment for laboratories and can be adapted to the individual needs of different fields of application. For example, the different sizes of the SmartRack® available mean it is suitable for work in fume hoods and in safety cabinets as well as for all other laboratory workstations. The modules are adapted to a wide range of laboratory accessories and laboratory glassware, thus simplifying various tasks involving round-bottom flasks, pipettes or well plates, for example.

Fields of application – Clean room

The use of a SmartRack® is possible without restriction on the basis of existing rules and regulations up to cleanroom class 4 (ISO-6 or 1,000 according to US Fed. Std. 209) as well as through verification of the applicability in everyday laboratory work by different users.

The following arguments qualify the SmartRack® for use in the cleanroom:

  1. Tribological loads: There are no or negligible tribological loads when using the SmartRack®.
  2. Outgassing of materials: Epoxy resin coatings (as present in the powder coating of epoxy resin of the SmartRack® frame) are also used in the coating of floors in cleanrooms and are considered uncritical. Likewise, there is no particle emission from the green paint layer, the UV protective layer and the infiltrate.
  3. Chemical resistance: The chemical resistance of the materials used is very high. A detailed overview of the resistance to aggressive media can be found here on our website.
  4. Biological resistance: The biological resistance, the microbicidal properties and the cleanability of all materials used can be rated as very high.

Fields of application – Clean room

The SmartRack® can be used on the basis of existing rules and regulations according to German DIN EN 12128 (laboratories for research, development and analysis, safety levels of microbiological laboratories, hazardous area, premises and technical safety requirements) up to at least safety level S3.

All requirements of  the German DIN EN 12128 are met by the SmartRack®:

  1. The SmartRack® creates sufficient working space for each employee on the laboratory work surfaces
  2. The SmartRack® creates a good overview and a reduction of danger when handling hazardous agents
  3. The surfaces of the SmartRack® are impermeable to water and liquids
  4. The surfaces of the SmartRack® are easy to clean, all parts of the SmartRack® are autoclavable
  5. The materials of the SmartRack® are resistant to disinfectants, cleaning agents, acids, alkalis, solvents and other chemicals that are commonly used
SmartRack mit Beispielausstattung
SmartRack® with sample modules
SmartRack mini mit Beispielausstattung
SmartRack® mini with sample modules

This means lots of tasks can be performed more efficiently and safely, such as:

Our products allow numerous laboratory tasks to be carried out with greater efficiency and improved safety, regardless of whether the activities are performed in a chemical, microbiology or a medical laboratory.

Bespoke laboratory organization

The SmartRack® creates the optimal working environment for your laboratory, because the SmartRack® is the first and world’s only modular organization system for laboratory workstations in which a wide variety of laboratory accessories can be stored. It enables user efficient one-handed operation, creates order as well as free space for working and thus increases safety at the workplace. Thanks to its modular design, the SmartRack® can be adapted to different activities and various needs of its users. In addition, the SmartRack® offers significant space savings through improved utilization of the room height, thus creating order as well as free space for working.

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