30% increased efficiency using the SmartRack® in microbiological research


The aim of this study was to quantify the potential efficiency increase in the cultivation of bacteria on maize flour-based agar-agar media by integrating the SmartRack® system. The process was divided into three main stages: Preparation, execution and post-processing, with a direct comparison of the results with and without the use of the SmartRack®. It is estimated that an increase in efficiency of up to 30% was achieved by using the SmartRack® system.
Bakterien und Schimmelpilzkulturen in einer Petrischale
Bacteria and mould cultures in a petri dish
SmartRack mini Biologie A1-2
SmartRack mini® with Petri dishes in wellplate holder modules

An experimental simulation for the cultivation of bacteria

The following experiment compares the efficiency of performing bacterial cultivation on cornmeal-based agar media with and without the use of the SmartRack® system. The cultivation of micro-organisms plays a fundamental role in various fields. In universities and research institutes, it enables a deeper understanding of microbiological processes and promotes the development of new knowledge. At the same time, cultivation is essential in pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, hospitals, biotechnology companies, agricultural research facilities and international research centres to drive innovative products, medical therapies, environmental protection strategies and global health solutions.

Bakterienvermehrung und Schimmelpilzkulturen in Wellplatehaltern und in Petrischalen in einem SmartRack mini
Bacterial and mould cultures in well plate holders and in Petri dishes in a SmartRack®mini


The SmartRack® is an innovative laboratory organisation tool. It makes laboratory processes more efficient, ergonomic and standardised. In microbiological research, maintaining an organised and sterile environment is critical to the accuracy and reliability of experimental results. Traditional laboratory layouts often result in crowded workspaces, increased risk of contamination and inefficient workflows. The SmartRack® system, with its modular design and ease of sterilisation, offers a potential solution to these challenges.
Bakterienvermehrung in einer Petrischale in einem SmartRack mini
Bacterial propagation in a Petri dish in a SmartRack® mini
Bacterial propagation in a petri dish and mould cultures

Comparison of procedures with and without SmartRack®

With SmartRack®, the preparation phase was much more efficient as all the necessary materials (cornmeal, spatula, graduated cylinder, agar, culture plates, pipettes, sugar solution) were organised and readily available in the SmartRack®. The ergonomic design made pouring media much easier, reducing physical strain and strain-related illnesses. Storing swabs in the SmartRack® storage box minimised the risk of sample mix-ups and contamination during the procedure. The modular components were easily autoclaved in the post-experiment cleaning area after the experiment and prepared for future use with minimal downtime.

The absence of SmartRack® resulted in increased searching and walking around the lab to locate materials and bring them to the workstation. The lab space showed a lack of organisation in terms of where materials and equipment were stored. The work area was crowded and offered less protection against spillage and sample exchange. Manual pouring of culture media proved to be less ergonomic. Sample organisation was challenging and placed a greater burden on laboratory staff.


The implementation of the SmartRack® system in microbiology experiments improves laboratory efficiency and ergonomics while reducing contamination and sample loss. By standardising workflows and improving organisation, the SmartRack® system not only helps to maintain a sterile environment, but also contributes to more reliable and reproducible research results. This study underlines the importance of innovative laboratory organisation for progress in microbiology and concludes that a 30% increase in efficiency is possible through the use of SmartRack.

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Information on 30% increased efficiency using SmartRack® in microbiological research

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