The SmartRack® - Product philosophy

Modular organization system for laboratory workstations

The SmartRack® is a modular organization system for laboratory accessories and laboratory glassware. It enables one-handed operation for the user and increases safety during work by means of an anti-tip protection. In addition, the SmartRack® significantly saves space through improved utilization of the rack height, thus establishing order and free space for working.
SmartRack® JPEG Datei 2560 x 2560 Pixel Webauflösung
SmartRack® with sample modules
SmartRack® mit Beispielausstattung, Detailaufnahme
SmartRack® mini with sample modules

The SmartRack® makes laboratories safer and more efficient for the future

The flexible organization system from Better Basics helps you improve safety in your working environment and increases your team’s safety in the lab. It also helps you achieve higher quality, be more innovative and efficient in your work. For example, using the SmartRack® reduces walking distances and speeds up workstation cleaning. Assembling and reconfiguring test set-ups is also made significantly easier. The SmartRack® exemplifies what the application of the latest 3D manufacturing technologies, in combination with scientific expertise, can achieve. SmartRack® combines classic metal processing with innovative SLS 3D printing technology. It consists of a stable and resilient metal frame for fixing several slot rails and individually mobile modules hooked in these slot rails.
SmartRack in einem modernen Laborabzug
The SmartRack® in a fume in a large European laboratory
The modular design of the SmartRack® makes it a system solution that can be adapted to the individual needs of the user. The individual modules of the organization system can be arranged in any way and flexibly swapped around. The SmartRack® consolidates many different individual solutions in one system solution. Various holders, e.g. for pipettes or round-bottom flasks (e.g. cork rings, three-finger clamps), or a waste bin are thus redundant. The SmartRack® combines classic metal processing with 3D printing technology as part of an innovative manufacturing process. It consists of a stable and durable metal frame for fixing multiple slot rails as well as individually mobile modules mounted in these slot rails. Since all modules can be freely combined in terms of the number of parts and their position, the SmartRack® can be individually adapted to every need when working in the laboratory.
Laboraufbau ohne dem Einatz des SmartRack®

Traditional, very messy laboratory workstations compared to a…

Laborabzug nachher mit SmartRack

…organized and tidy laboratory workstation when using two SmartRack®

We make the lab setup easy for you

We provide you with individual components. We work with our partners to provide equipment for complete laboratory set-ups. From basic equipment up to superstructures for special applications, our SmartRack® can be expanded and combined to suit your needs. Transportable and scalable, it remains your trusty partner from start to finish of your work when it comes to structuring and implementing complex laboratory set-ups in a simple, clear and safe way.

The SmartRack® in action

From Accessories to Holder for wash bottles– everything from a single source and always the first choice

The SmartRack® was designed by scientists and laboratory users, because the Better Basics team knows the special processes in laboratories and has developed the SmartRack® and its modules in cooperation with various laboratory users. A wide variety of module configurations are available to meet your individual requirements. Whether you work in the field of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, food chemistry, pharmacy or medicine, the SmartRack® represents the innovative standard for every modern laboratory workstation and should form part of the basic equipment of every laboratory. With us, you can choose from over 100 holders or modules for organizing your laboratory workstation, which you can combine as required in our SmartRack® .

Summary: Why the SmartRack® also has a place in your laboratory

Whether you need general basic equipment for your laboratory or special experimental set-ups for analytics, the SmartRack® is your first choice. It increases efficiency and improves occupational safety by improving the organization of workstations and creating free work space. It also actively supports the health of your employees and saves costs by avoiding laboratory accidents, sample mix-ups and sample loss. Fields of application for the SmartRack® include:

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