30% increase in efficiency by using the SmartRack® in the column chromatography separation method


The aim of the experiment was to quantify the presumed increase in efficiency obtained by using the SmartRack® in column chromatography. The analysis was divided into three stages: Preparation, execution and follow-up. The results of the tests with and without the SmartRack® system were compared. It is estimated that an increase in efficiency of 30% is possible through implementation.

Pipette wird aus einem Pipettenhalterungsmodul in einem SmartRack entnommen
Pipette is removed from a pipette holder module in a SmartRack®
Pipettenspitze wird mit einer Pipette aus einer Pipettenspitzenbox in einem SmartRack entnommen
Pipette tip is removed from a pipette tip box in a SmartRack® using a pipette

Simulation of the method of column chromatography

Column chromatography was compared with and without the use of the SmartRack® to determine the efficiency of the chromatographic separation method. Column chromatography was chosen as a representative method for experiments in chemistry, analytics, quality assurance and quality control to test the hypothesis of efficiency improvement by the innovative laboratory organisation system SmartRack®. The aim was to determine whether SmartRack® optimises workflows, supports workplace safety and ergonomics, and reduces error rates.

Column chromatography is a fundamental separation method in chemical analysis, and its accuracy and reproducibility depend largely on the care taken in experimental set-up and sample handling. Traditional approaches often require manual processes, resulting in inefficient, variable workflows and increased error rates. The SmartRack® system, known for its modularity and flexibility, could provide an innovative solution.

Chromatographiesäulen während der Stofftrennung in einem SmartRack
Chromatography columns during substance separation in a SmartRack®


To evaluate the SmartRack® system, several chromatographic separations were performed with and without SmartRack®. Preparation, execution, ability to run parallel experiments, organisation of samples and reagents, ergonomics of the workflow and error rate were evaluated. The integration of SmartRack®, an innovative laboratory organisation tool, is expected to make laboratory workflows more efficient, ergonomic and standardised.

Pipette über eine Laborgewindeflasche vor einem SmartRack
Pipette via a laboratory threaded bottle in front of a SmartRack®
Pipette mit Tropen an Pipettenspitze über einem Rundkolben in einem SmartRack hängend
Pipette with dropper on pipette tip hanging over a round bottom flask in a SmartRack®

Comparison of procedures with and without SmartRack®

The SmartRack® system made it easier to prepare the holder and insert the column, speeding up the set-up. The integration of holders for Erlenmeyer flasks and other glassware provided an organised and safe workplace. Samples and glassware were safely and clearly arranged in the SmartRack®, improving safety and minimising errors. Parallel experiments could easily be carried out, increasing flexibility and efficiency in the workplace. Dismantling and cleaning of the modules was facilitated by the easy removal of glassware.

Setting up the stands in the experiment without SmartRack® required additional steps and walking distances, as many materials were not directly available at the workstation. Samples and reagents were scattered across the work surface, making the work untidy and increasing the risk of error. It was very difficult to perform further experiments. The two-handed removal and more cumbersome dismantling of the apparatus increased the physical effort and time required.

Pipette in einem Rundkolben der in einem SmartRack kängt
Pipette in a round bottom flask suspended in a SmartRack®
Pipette mit Pipettenspitze über eine Chromatographiesäule in einem SmartRack
Pipette with pipette tip via a chromatography column in a SmartRack®


The use of the SmartRack® system in time-consuming experiments such as column chromatography offers significant advantages in terms of efficiency and parallel operation. The modularity and flexibility of the system allows better organisation and handling of complex operations. This reduces error rates and improves working conditions in terms of ergonomics and safety.

Verification of the impact of the organisation system on chemical analysis processes showed an increase in performance and highlighted the positive effect of integrating SmartRack® in the field of analytical chemistry. Considering the facts presented, it can be concluded that a 30% increase in efficiency is possible with the implementation of SmartRack®.

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Information on 30% increase in efficiency by using the SmartRack® in the column chromatography separation method

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