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Better Basics Laborbedarf products:

  • Create order and organize laboratory workstations

  • Improve safety when working

  • Increase the efficiency of users

At Better Basics Laborbedarf, we focus on innovative solutions in the form of basic equipment for laboratories.

Better Basics Laborbedarf offers the world’s only modular organization system for laboratory workstations that allows users in the fields of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, food chemistry, pharmacy and medicine to work in the same optimized way.

Better Basics Laborbedarf wants to help you work safely and sustainably at all levels to meet your objectives in research, science and laboratory work with the highest quality and to international standards.

The SmartRack® Modular organization system for laboratory workstations

The SmartRack® is a modular organization system for laboratory accessories and laboratory glassware. It enables one-handed operation for the user and increases safety during work by means of an anti-tip protection. In addition, the SmartRack® offers significant space savings through improved utilization of the working area at room height, thus creating order as well as free space for working.

Produkte von Better Basics Laborbedarf in Europa
Products from Better Basics Laborbedarf in Europe

Products from Better Basics Laborbedarf in Europe

Products from Better Basics Laborbedarf are already in use in many European countries, but also in Israel, the USA and countries in the Arab world. In more than 200 laboratories, specialists, laboratory staff and researchers from various industries such as chemistry, biology, biochemistry, food industry, pharmacy and medicine benefit from greater efficiency and occupational safety as well as the modular design of their laboratory workstation.

Challenges of laboratory environments in the 21st century

and their solution through products from Better Basics laboratory supplies





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Customizing your wish is our command, your satisfaction is our objective. With just one click, you can access our customising offer here.

Do you have very specific laboratory organization requirements?

If you haven’t yet found the right option for your laboratory among our products and modules, we can quickly and cost-effectively design and manufacture your custom products or your individual solutions for you thanks to our in-house design team and 3D manufacturing. From your request to your prototype, we only need a few days.

Our request to you

A product like our SmartRack® is only as good as its users. With our roots in the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden, our company Better Basics Laborbedarf stands for the tradition of “Made in Germany” quality. We feel in multiple aspects committed to this quality label for German companies, which stands for high innovative strength in multiple aspects. Even beyond our product catalog, the same applies for us at Better Basics: Just contact us if you have ideas for extensions or improvements or if you notice something in your daily laboratory routine that we should optimize right away.

We want to create the best possible working environment for you in the laboratory and we are grateful for any comments and inspiration. We can jointly shape the future of laboratory work by cooperating with scientists and researchers. Just like you, we’re always looking for a way to make our world a little better every day.

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