Sales partner and distributors of the SmartRack®

SmartRack® is offered and sold by a number of selected dealers and sales partners in Germany, the European Union and internationally. You can find an up-to-date overview of our distribution partners on this page. If you are interested in becoming a sales partner of Better Basics laboratory supplies, please contact us at

Sales partner for Germany

(in alphabetical order)

Carl Roth GmbH + Co. KG

Diagonal GmbH & Co. KG
DURATEC Analysentechnik GmbH

Faust Lab Science GmbH

Fleischhacker GmbH & Co. KG

Labor- und Industriebedarf e.K.

neolab Migge GmbH




Gebr. Rettberg GmbH

Sales partner for Austria

Biomedica Medizinprodukte GmbH

Sales partner for Switzerland



Sales partner for France

(in alphabetical order)

A.I.T. France

Laboratoires Humeau

Sales partner for USA

Sales partner for the MENA region (Middle East Northern Africa)

Cyprus, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenia, Nigeria 

Sales partner for Belgium

Sales partner for Netherlands

Sales partner for Spain


Serviquimia S.L.U.

Sales partner for Israel

I.S.I Israel Scientific Instruments


Sales partner for Czech Republic

Biomedica Medizinprodukte GmbH

Sales partner for Thailand

SITHIPORN Associates


Sales partner for Japan


Funakoshi Co., Ltd.

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