The SmartRack® as a partner of change and innovation management as well as occupational health and safety

The SmartRack® revolutionises the laboratory environment.

The SmartRack® revolutionises the laboratory environment. It provides a practical and applicable combination of lean management and quality management, such as 5S. With the SmartRack® you can achieve higher process quality with increased efficiency and improved productivity at lower costs.

The SmartRack® is a partner for change and innovation management. With more than 60 modules, the SmartRack® offers a flexible organisation system for the laboratory workplace that can be adapted to current and future requirements at any time. It provides flexibility for future projects while creating a familiar and standardised working environment.

Unachtsamkeit und mangelnder Arbeitsschutz: Ein umfallender Rundkolben sorgt für einen Laborunfall und einen hohen Schaden
Carelessness and lack of occupational safety: A round-bottomed flask falling over causes a laboratory accident and a lot of damage
SmartRack® mit Beispielausstattung, Detailaufnahme
Safety for any laboratory work - no more accidental falling over of round-bottomed flasks possible.

10% increase in efficiency with the SmartRack®

With SmartRack®, direct and indirect efficiency gains can be achieved. Efficiency and space savings are mutually reinforcing. With a 10% increase in workplace efficiency and an 80% reduction in floor space, more people can be in the lab at the same time, so there is more free space for optimal use. More Information

In four steps, the SmartRack® optimises laboratory work: Setup, dismantling and cleaning of the experimental set-up, performance of experiments, personal distribution time and ancillary activities. It allows a greater number of sample vessels, equipment and consumables to be stored directly at the workstation. As a result, the number of experiments or analyses can be significantly increased. More Information

Labor mit einem befüllten SmartRack®
SmartRack® in a safety fume cupboard in a large European laboratory

Occupational health and safety through the use of the SmartRack®.

In addition, the SmartRack® is an ideal partner for the implementation of current health and safety regulations in the laboratory workplace. It offers ergonomic set-up options, safe design of workstations, even when working on the move. It provides psychological relief thanks to good visibility and optimised storage of hazardous substances. More Information

With SmartRack® you can comply with all regulatory requirements, because as an employer you have an obligation to design the work organisation at the laboratory workstation in such a way that hazards are avoided or kept to a minimum. The SmartRack® allows you to optimise and individualise the use of the reach, reach and reach space by individually adjusting the slide rails for the monitor and laboratory equipment. More Information

Choose SmartRack® as an innovative solution to increase efficiency, optimise the working environment and improve safety in the laboratory. Comply with all relevant standards and guidelines for safe laboratory work. The SmartRack® – your future for an efficient and safe way of working in the laboratory! More Information

  • Safe Working in Laboratories – Basic Principles and Guidelines for Action” Publication 213-850 of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV)
  • DIN EN 13150-2001 EN – Laboratory benches – Dimensions, safety requirements and test methods
  • DIN EN 14056-2003 EN – Laboratory equipment – Recommendations for layout and assembly

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