Better Basics Laborbedarf successfully closes first financing round and gains strong partners for further growth

SmartRack Beispielbestückung

Better Basics Laborbedarf has successfully completed a first round of financing. A group of investors were convinced by the concept and the vision in the field of laboratory equipment and decided to invest capital to boost the growth of the start-up. In addition to LAUDA and the TGFS regional venture capital company, Better Basics Laborbedarf was also able to win over the experienced entrepreneurs and business angels Andreas Baumann, Markus Richter and Prof. Strugala.

These investors offer much more than capital, bringing knowledge, experience and their networks to the company. Better Basics Laborbedarf develops, manufactures and sells smart basic equipment for laboratories that improves efficiency and safety. The start-up’s user-specific products, such as the modular organization system for laboratory workstations known as the SmartRack®, help organize the laboratory, use workstations more efficiently and improve safety at work. “Laboratories often have to cope with a heavy workload while still meeting strict quality requirements. Our products help laboratories perform daily tasks. Our laboratory equipment allows us to improve safety in laboratories and at the same time optimize workstations for users in a way that actually increases,” explains Mario Schneider, Managing Director of Better Basics Laborbedarf.

The successful financing round provides the Dresden-based laboratory experts with extensive support for the next phase of the company’s development. After successful entering the market last year, the focus is now on expanding the team and the sales structures as well as on further developing the products and the product portfolio. “We are pleased to have been able to bring together strong partners for our product vision and development. With the new investment capital, we want to increase the awareness of the Better Basics Laborbedarf brand and realize our ambitious growth objectives for the company,” says Mario Schneider, Managing Director of Better Basics Laborbedarf.

 About Better Basics Laborbedarf GmbH

Better Basics Laborbedarf is a spin-off company from the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden that develops, manufactures and sells smart basic equipment for laboratories. Many years of experience in science and comprehensive expertise in the field of plastics and 3D printing technology are the foundation of the innovative products.

Better Basics Laborbedarf develops product solutions for a wide variety of laboratory work. The modular design of the products helps respond to user-specific requirements. For example, the SmartRack® by Better Basics Laborbedarf is the first modular organization system for laboratory workstations. This innovative product sets completely new standards in how laboratory workstations are organized. Better Basics Laborbedarf products are used in fields including chemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmacy and medicine.

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