SmartRack® mini – compact design for safety cabinets

SmartRack mini mit Beispielausstattung
The SmartRack® mini with sample equipment

Having sufficient space to work and a free work surface in the laboratory always play a key role in ensuring work is carried out safely. When working in a safety cabinet, this is particularly important for working safely with hazardous substances and sensitive processes in the laboratory.

We have developed the SmartRack® mini especially for work on microbiological safety cabinets and laminar flow cabinets. The SmartRack® mini is ideally suited to the limited space available in a safety cabinet and helps to protect the laboratory employee, what they are working on and the work environment. If the air flow of the safety cabinet is significantly affected, protection is no longer provided. A common cause of this is the improper storage of objects in the safety cabinet’s working chamber. These objects can negatively affect the airflow. Storing work utensils in the SmartRack® mini helps prevent the air intake openings from being covered by objects.

In addition, the user gains significantly functional clarity and space when working. This also allows the work surface of the safety cabinet to be cleaned and disinfected quickly and easily. Just like the regular size model of the modular organization system for laboratory workstations, the slot rails of the SmartRack® mini can be positioned individually and the modules can be combined as required.

The SmartRack® mini can thus be optimally adapted to the required field of application and organizes the laboratory workstation – even in the smallest of spaces. Click here to learn more about the SmartRack® products and the SmartRack® product philosophy.

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