SmartRack® not included, other equipment not included

02101 SmartRack Modul SmartCase

The SmartCase is designed to transport and store the SmartRack®, a modular a modular organization system for laboratory workstations. Its aluminium case safely protects a SmartRack® inside and its contents from light and other environmental influences. The SmartCase consists of a lower part with four castors into which a SmartRack® can be placed. The upper part of the SmartCase has a cushion on the inside, which serves to fix the SmartRack® in the SmartCase as soon as the SmartCase is closed by the tension locks. This prevents the SmartRack® from slipping or tipping over. The SmartCase has a self-acting valve system which can be used to change the atmosphere inside the SmartCase by means of an external gas supply. This allows, for example, the temporary generation of a low-oxygen atmosphere in the SmartCase, which creates an additional safety level when transporting oxygen-sensitive, highly flammable substances or substances that spontaneously ignite in air. For further information on the durability of the atmosphere exchange in the SmartCase, please contact us at

The SmartCase includes the following components:

  • A bottom section with four casters, four tension locks and an automatic gas outlet valve system.
  • A top part with a handle, four put-on aids and an automatic gas inlet valve system
  • A connector for connecting gas hoses of various diameters to the SmartCase

Item no. 02101 – SmartCase