SmartRack® mini Pipetting Set

Trash bag, pipettes, pipette tip boxes, laboratory screw top bottle and well plates not included in scope of delivery

01512 SmartRack mini Pipettierset

The SmartRack® mini Pipetting Set has been specially designed for working with liquids in small quantities and includes the following components (item number of the individual components in brackets for better understanding):

9 components:

  • 1 x SmartRack® classic mini (Item no. 01707)
  • 1 x Holder for bin liner (Item no. 01202)
  • 1 x Holder for pipettes – for 3 pipettes
    with hook (Item no. 01145)
  • 2 x Holder for pipette tip boxes (Item no. 01147)
  • 2 x Holder for laboratory screw top bottles,
    100 – 1000 ml (GL45) (Item no. 01122)
  • 2 x Holder for well plates (Item no. 01125)

Item no. 01512 – SmartRack® mini Pipetting Set