SmartRack® Starter Set Chemistry

Glassware and chromatography column not included in scope of delivery

01508 SmartRack Starterset Chemie

The SmartRack® Starter Set Chemistry has been specially designed for work in the field of chemistry and includes the following components (item number of the individual components in brackets for better understanding):

8 components:

  • 1 x SmartRack® classic (Item no. 01704)
  • 2 x Holder for glassware with ST14,
    plus closure (Item no. 01112)
  • 2 x Holder for glassware with ST29,
    plus closure (Item no. 01115)
  • 2 x Holder for chromatography column,
    Ø 25 – 35 mm (Item no. 01107)
  • 1 x Storage box (Item no. 01142)

Item no. 01508 – SmartRack® Starter Set Chemistry