SmartRack® Basic Equipment

Small accessories, trash bag, tissue box, wash bottle and kitchen roll not included in scope of delivery

01506 SmartRack Grundausstattung

The SmartRack® Basic Equipment is a basic set for organising basic accessories in everyday laboratory use and includes the following components (item number of the individual items in brackets for better understanding):

6 components:

  • 1 x SmartRack® classic (Item no. 01704)
  • 1 x Holder for bin liner (Item no. 01202)
  • 1 x Storage box (Item no. 01142)
  • 1 x Holder for kitchen roll (Item no. 01162)
  • 1 x Holder for glove / tissue boxes (Item no. 01143)
  • 1 x Holder for wash bottles, for 500 ml
    (up to Ø 75 mm) (Item no. 01146)

Item no. 01506 – SmartRack® Basic Equipment