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Knauer Wissenschaftliche Geraete invests in Better Basics Laborbedarf - Both companies will offer integrated solutions in the field of material separation and laboratory organisation.

Gesellschafter Mario Schneider Marcus Heinze Sebastian Stein und SmartRack
The founders of Better Basics Laborbedarf (f.l.t.r.): Mario Schneider, Managing Director, Marcus Heinze, Development Manager, Sebastian Stein, Production Manager, with the SmartRack® in the foreground.

Berlin, 17th August 2023: KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geraete GmbH and the Dresden-based start-up company Better Basics Laborbedarf GmbH announce a groundbreaking cooperation. In the future, the combination of the KNAUER AZURA HPLC system and the Better Basics SmartRack® organisation system for laboratory workstations will make it possible to improve the efficiency and use of space in the laboratory.

In an increasingly competitive HPLC market where differentiation is challenging, KNAUER is committed to providing smart solutions that offer unique benefits to its customers. The new partnership with Better Basics underlines this commitment and offers a powerful integration that promises to revolutionize laboratory workflows. Better Basics is renowned for its commitment to creating efficient, safe and cost-effective laboratory workspaces.

This partnership demonstrates KNAUER’s belief in the potential of Better Basics’ smart solutions. In support of this strategic move, KNAUER has made a financial investment in Better Basics, further cementing their mutual commitment to defining the future of the laboratory workplace. Now, as part of KNAUER’s customer offering, customers can take advantage of Better Basics’ unique modular organization system by attaching Better Basic holders to the sides of their Azura HPLC systems. This collaboration provides the ability to tailor the laboratory environment to individual needs, maximizing space utilization and efficiency. KNAUER customers can optimize their laboratory processes and create a more efficient working environment by using Better Basics’ patented SmartRack® system.

“At KNAUER, we strive to be innovative and open to collaborations that align with our vision. The partnership with Better Basics is such an alliance. It allows us to provide our customers with an enhanced user experience that transforms their workplace into a smart, efficient and comfortable environment,” said Alexandra Knauer, CEO and owner of KNAUER.

“At Better Basics Laborbedarf, we strive to make our organisational system easy to integrate into different areas of the laboratory. We are excited to offer the added value of our solutions to a new, large group of laboratory users through this collaboration,” said Mario Schneider, CEO of Better Basics Laborbedarf.

KNAUER and Better Basics Laborbedarf invite everyone in the lab-industry to experience this innovative approach: “We are confident that together we will make a significant contribution to shaping the laboratory workspace of the future.”

KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geraete GmbH

( is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality scientific instruments for research and routine applications in the field of liquid chromatography.

Better Basics Laborbedarf GmbH

( is a start-up company based in Dresden, Germany. Its mission is to redesign the laboratory workplace with smart and cost-effective solutions that make laboratory workstations safer and more efficient.

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