Hit your objective safely with Better Basics Laborbedarf

Better Basics Laborbedarf LKW

Safety first! This doesn’t just apply on the road, but also when working in the laboratory. How fitting that a truck featuring our branding is now also touring Germany.

The SmartRack®  and the features of the individual modules clearly illustrate the importance we put on safety when working the laboratory. The SmartRack® safely stores laboratory accessories in a way that saves space and keeps them clearly arranged. Some holders of the modular organization system for laboratory workstations are also equipped with a rotating locking ring for additional safety. The laboratory accessories are “fastened” on to the SmartRack®. For example, the SmartRack© thus reduces to a minimum the risk of accidents due to glass breakage or accidents that can occur when glass equipment is accidentally knocked over.

What’s more, the SmartRack® also has a wall mount that can be used to fix the organization system to existing stand assemblies, or other permanently installed stands in a laboratory. Be on the lookout for the Better Basics Laborbedarf truck. Maybe you’ll see it on the road in your city soon! Of course, our thanks also go to the Berlin-based company OnTruck that we undertook this project with.

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