A look behind the scenes at Better Basics

After one of our demo SmartRack® was on its way to a new dealer, a short look behind the scenes. At the moment, quite a few of our products are in front of the camera and on some days there is almost not enough time to shoot all the configurations and modules- the demand is growing noticeably.

A new SmartRack<sup>®</sup> mini goes on the road

A new SmartRack® mini goes on the road

This week we prepared a SmartRack® mini with an individual module configuration for one of our new authorised distributors based in the west of Germany, based on our customers’ most popular module configurations for the SmartRack® mini.

How quickly a month passes…

We are very pleased that Christoph Schammel, another experienced and energetic member of our team, joined our company on 1 July 2022.

Module N°. 01152 – Holder for shaking funnel

What do Better Basics laboratory supplies and the shaking funnel have in common? Both stand for innovation of their time. The shaking funnel, an invention of the Swedish baron Jöns Jakob Berzelius, is still a standard glassware for every chemical laboratory.

Additive manufacturing processes – unimagined possibilities and potentials

Additive manufacturing processes offer unimagined possibilities, they reduce the costs of customisation, score points with almost unlimited shaping potentials and enable short-term adaptations. The symbiosis of traditional manufacturing techniques and customised production in a flexible manner will become one of the biggest factors in saving resources.

Congratulations: 30 Jahre CHEManager

30 years of Chemanager are an occasion to celebrate but also to say thank you. Mario Schneider, in his capacity as Managing Director of Better Basics Laborbedarf GmbH, addressed the readers of Chemanager with a very personal greeting.

The Better Basics Click-System in every in slot rails directly clickable module

All SmartRack® modules, that can be clicked directly in slot rails, have an integrated click system with which users receive haptic feedback when positioning the mounting modules within the slot rail. Since all mounting modules can be freely positioned within a slot rail, you have complete freedom of arrangement – depending on the needs of your work. Once clicked into place, the SmartRack® modules remain securely in the SmartRack® frame, even when the slot rail is moved to another usage level. In this way you protect yourself and your work from sample loss or accidents at work.