Better Basics Laborbedarf Wins First Place with SmartRack® at the "Wiley Analytical Science Award 2024" in the Separation, Laboratory Automation & Equipment Category.

Mario Schneider SmartRack Wiley Science Award DE EN

Better Basics Laborbedarf, the developer and provider of the first organizational system for laboratory workspaces, has been awarded the first place in the Separation, Laboratory Automation & Equipment category of the prestigious Wiley Analytical Science Award 2024 for its SmartRack®. This coveted prize is presented by Wiley, one of the world’s leading providers of scientific publications.

The Wiley Analytical Science Award was established to recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements and advances in analytical science. It has established itself as one of the industry’s most important awards, honouring groundbreaking developments and excellence in the field of analytical science.

The Wiley Analytical Science Award is an award chosen by the readers. In 2023, GIT (WILEY), a prestigious laboratory trade journal, gave the readers a chance to vote for their favourites in diverse categories. In the Separation, Laboratory Automation & Equipment category, Better Basics Laborbedarf shone with its innovative approach to organising laboratory workspaces and workflows, the SmartRack®, and triumphed over other respected contenders.

“We are overjoyed and feel honoured to have won the first place in the Separation, Laboratory Automation & Equipment category of the Wiley Analytical Science Award 2024. This award recognises our commitment to improving and streamlining workplace organisation and safety throughout the laboratory industry. We express our gratitude to GIT’s readers and all those who voted for us for their unwavering trust and support. We look forward to collaborating with you in defining the future of laboratory workspaces and workflows, striving to achieve optimal work safety and efficiency with utmost flexibility,” exclaimed Mario Schneider, the CEO of Better Basics Laborbedarf.

Better Basics Laborbedarf has built a reputation for its innovative approach and commitment to improving laboratory efficiency, ensuring workplace safety and streamlining laboratory operations. The company offers a wide range of modules for the workplace organization system “SmartRack®,” which assists laboratory personnel in the fields of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, food industry, pharmaceuticals, and medicine in carrying out their laboratory work more efficiently and safely.

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