Better Basics Laborbedarf presents product innovations at analytica 2020

01149 SmartRack Modul Halterung für Scheidetrichter Schütteltrichter

A huge number of trade shows and industry meetings have already had to be postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we’re particularly pleased that analytica 2020 will take place fully online from October 19–23 and that we’ll be attending this online live event. One highlight is the special Digital Transformation presentation, which provides an exciting insight into the laboratory of the future. The special presentation will demonstrate how complex workflows can be simplified and optimized using innovative solutions from various manufacturers in the laboratory of the future.

Harnessing the potential of our smart basic equipment for laboratories, we at Better Basics Laborbedarf are part of three of the eight exclusive laboratory workflows. The SmartRack® , the first modular organization system for laboratory workstations, is the connecting element of the “Connect-the-lab”, “Flowlab” and “Temperature Control 4.0” workflows. The SmartRack® stores the various samples and the required laboratory accessories in an organized and space-saving way. The modular design of the SmartRack® means it can be individually adapted to the different needs of the workflows. The SmartRack® ensures optimal organization of the workstation of each workflow. The individual work steps can thus be carried out efficiently and safety when working in the laboratory is improved at the same time.

You can attend the webinars on the different workflows for free at analytica virtual 2020. There will be a live video chat for each webinar. The virtual trade show thus also provides an opportunity for attendees to discuss workflows with us and ask questions about our products and how they can be used in various workflows.

Register for free for analytica virtual 2020 and talk to us via live video chat. We’re looking forward to having lots of exciting discussions!

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