A look behind the scenes at Better Basics

SmartRack Photoshooting Better Basics Laborbedarf GmbH

After one of our demo SmartRack® was on its way to a new dealer, a short look behind the scenes. At the moment, quite a few of our products are in front of the camera and on some days there is almost not enough time to shoot all the configurations and modules- the demand is growing noticeably. So all the mounts are in the in-house photo studio, which stayed pleasantly cool in these very warm days by being darkened. Here you can see the SmartRack® Mini with a sample set-up using three studio flashes. The photographs were deliberately taken with a comparatively long focal length. Short focal lengths tend to distort in the reproduction. Long focal lengths in turn compress the image effect. Thus, each element must of course be photographed with its own lighting and its own choice of perspective and lens. With over 50 modules and many combinations in connection with many glass devices, this is an exciting task.

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